Friday, September 4, 2009

A Kick to the Gut

Thats the only way to describe the sensation. Knowing that your partner has been out getting an amazing fucking while you were sitting idly at home. Or watching your partner fuck someone else and squeal and moan like you have never heard before. Thats how I describe it, even though it does no justice to the equal amounts of jealousy/repulsion and arousal/turn on. I certainly felt it here and I feel it now.

I know I am not all that great a fuck. I make up for it with creative usage of my fingers and tongue, and extra helpings of kinkiness. But my partners are never going to get the fucking of a lifetime from me, so I am happy to share. Happy for them to get it elsewhere. He will be back in town next weekend. I plan to vacate the house for 4-5 hours, let J get the fucking she needs and not in a makeshift place like last time. Guess I better work those abs extra hard this week for the big kick coming next weekend.

In Her Own Words

I wanted to publish some details of J's big night out. But we had been dealing with some other issues in our lives lately, and publishing this here just didn't seem like high priority item nor did it seem appropriate just yet. Anyway, we finally found time for J to sit down and share some of the details from her perspective. So without further ado, I give you J ...

I was not really looking forward to going out for a number of reasons. I was not feeling incredibly sexy that night. I think it was too soon after that bloated appendectomy and, I was not feeling HOT!! And I really enjoy being home with you. My drive was coming from your desire and the thrill of this unusual date. All of a sudden I was feeling apprehensive about meeting someone at our bar. The thought of walking in, by myself, for this elicit date was playing on my mind. I knew that I would not stop worrying about you at home. However, I was determined to try it and see if it could spice up our own sex life……After a glass of wine, at home, I was slowly getting the liquid courage I needed. I decided to wear a very low cut dress and sexy high heels (of course) and make my way to the bar to meet my date.

Not surprisingly, the bar was packed. I parked the car and walked to the bar. There was an attractive guy at the door and I knew it had to be him, although he looked nothing like his picture. He obviously knew it was me because recognition was all over his face.

We made our way in to the bar and got a small table near the windows. He went up to the bar and ordered me Sangria and he got a draft beer. It was my lucky night, because my hot little bar back boy was there, as a guest! He was not working. I did my best flirting with him (why not) and started to get in the mood of the night. He came back to the table with our drinks. At first I was disappointed with his over all looks. He was not what I imagined from his picture, but he had a very easy going, engaging personality and I was having a good time. He could not keep his eyes off of my cleavage and while he tried initially to behave, he finally told me just how HOT my breasts and cleavage were. The Sangria was working. We talked about the date itself and how we found ourselves in this situation. He wanted to make sure you knew that I was out with him. He wanted nothing to do with cheating. After ½ an hour or so, we talked about what our night had in store for us. I was still undecided about how I wanted to proceed.

We finished our drinks and were at a point where we had to decide what to do. I was getting somewhat horny just because the “idea” was Hot, although, I really was not up for a night at a hotel. After he suggested going to sit in his car, I agreed. We walked out to his car, the same car as you have, THE SAME CAR, and we got in. He had a manual transmission and he did not have the same screen for GPS that you did, but he did have the same car. It was comforting actually and a bit weird.

Even though he had been a perfect gentleman over drinks being in the car seemed to bring out the aggressiveness in him. He leaned over and immediately starting kissing me. I should say he ravaged my lips. It was intense and passionate. He kissed very well and we matched intensities with our tongues. Soon he was touching my overflowing breasts. I think that is all it took for me. The decision to just quietly end our night was soon out the window. Realizing that we were still in the parking lot made us think about WHERE to go now. I glanced down into his lap and he was rock hard. And big. I didn’t think I could wait to get to a hotel, so I touched. I guess that was a good move, as he responded with shudders. We had to leave the parking lot. Although…..I really just wanted to see it. Again, I knew I should wait, but it was just so tempting…….In a bold move I reached down and unzipped his pants unveiling his hard swollen thick cock.

He groaned with pleasure as my fingers reached in and touched his cock for the first time. I slid into his pants as he grinded into my eager hand. His entire cock was out and throbbing. I was so turned on by his sounds and the things he was saying. I circled the tip of his swollen cock with my fingertips and impulsively I leaned in and licked the head of his cock. My tongue tasted pre-cum! I wanted more. More of his thick cock. I tried to get my mouth around him and found that I could only take half of him in my mouth. He leaned back and pulled away. We were still in the parking lot and under lights no less. His self consciousness was cute and it saved us some embarrassing moment if we'd happen to be found. He mentioned a hotel once again, but it was late and I was worried about you. You had texted me a few times while we were at the bar, but I hadn't looked at my phone in quite sometime now. Although I was VERY turned on I said maybe we should call it a night. I don't think that is what he wanted to hear.

And to prove that he did not want our night to end, he reached over and took my long hair in his hand and pulled. With the other hand he reached between my legs and found that I was soaking wet. My cover was blown and he knew that I was very into our play. I opened my legs even more so that he could get his fingers inside of me. He slid them in and out and in again. I was moaning in pleasure. I pushed into his hand and reached over to his crotch again. He had zipped up, and was tucked away, but still raging hard. He took his hand out from between my legs and licked his fingers, slowly. Very slowly. Ok, I thought, I can stay out a little longer. My thoughts were on his hard cock. His cock sliding into me. I could feel myself getting wetter and feeling less quilty and that was an amazing combination. All I could think of was how fast we could get somewhere so that I could feel his cock in my mouth and in my soaking wet pussy. I got on my knees on his front seat and leaned my body into him so that he knew just how turned on I was. I wanted him. I wanted him Now! I suggested that we drive to a more secluded area and then get in the back seat. He was all for that. I sat back down, took a few deep breaths, knowing he could never find a dark enough place, fast enough. He was of the same mind set, yet drove cautiously and with determination to a place he knew well.

We headed down the main street and right past out house to a place he was familiar with. We turned right into the secluded spot. We drove for a few more minutes and he pulled in behind some deserted building. It was dark. Not completely dark, but just dark enough. As the car stopped we both got out and climbed into the back seat. The kissing started and was more intense than before. Our hands were all over each other. He reached between my legs and instantly slid his fingers into me. I was crazy. I wanted to feel him, taste him, experience him. I asked him to help me with his pants. I wanted him naked, or at least half naked. He obliged me by sliding his pants down around his ankles. I took his hard cock in my hand and stroked it up and down. He was all over my body as well. I got on my knees and leaned into him and started kissing his face and neck. I proceeded to his ear and whispered what I wanted to do. He was very responsive. I slowly made my way down to his cock, took him in my mouth and licked and sucked and got him very wet.

I wanted to have him fuck me in the back seat and he knew it. He pushed my head into a fierce rhythm up and down his cock. The taste of pre- cum filling my mouth. I wanted to taste him. Wanted to have him explode in my mouth, but selfishly I wanted to have him inside of me too. His body got rigid. He removed his hand from the back of my head and shifted his weight back and away from my mouth. His hands were on my breasts. He pushed me back into the seat. I willingly opened my legs to accomodate his body between mine. His mouth covered mine again. His hands deftly slipped my breasts out of my bra and my nipples were in his fingers and then his mouth. He moved my dress up around my waist and leaned me back. His cock glistening with his pre-cum. I was so ready for him. And then, he moved his head back down to my breasts and started licking and sucking on my nipples. It was rough and hard and very stimulating. To my surprise his head moved down to my wet pussy. He reached in and moved my panties to the side as he slid his tongue into my wetness. I decided to go with it, even though this rarely works for me with a new lover. His tongue felt amazing. I went to the this fantasy of you watching me and he instictively slid his fingers into me. One. Two and then three, slow....slow....faster....faster....and faster sending me surprizingly over the edge! Not only did I cum, but knowing that we hadn't even fucked yet made me even more responsive.

He came up to my mouth and let me taste my wetness on his face. His hard cock was ready for me. Ready to be inside of me. I fumbled with the condom and he patiently took over the job of putting it on his cock. I leaned back and he loomed over me with his hardness in between my legs. I could feel him, I pulsed with anticipation. He placed the head of his cock on the entrance of my pussy and leaned into me so that he could whisper to me. "Do you wish LG could see this? YES! Do you wish LG could be here fucking you at the same time? YES AGAIN! Do you wish we could turn you over and fuck you over and over while LG's balls hung in my face? FUCK YES". And he pushed into me. Pushed hard. Pushed his hard cock into me. Over and over. He fucked me hard. I could feel my body jerk in response to his thrusting. He started kissing me passionately and took his hand around my back and pulled me up. He asked me to get on my knees. I got up and moved to the side of the car. He got completely out of the car and pulled me close to him. His cock pushing against my leg. My ass was exposed to the night time air. His fingers slid into my pussy. The condom had reduced the wetness. I could smell the scent of burned rubber. Not my favorite. I had fantasies of pulling the condom off and having him take me from behind and cum loads into my pussy, but we had both agreed to using protection. Still the thought was HOT. He came up behind me and I was ready for his hard cock again. His fingers quickly fucking me into the wetness from before. Then I felt his mouth. his mouth on my pussy, from behind. His mouth exploring my pussy and up to my ass. I could hardly stand it.
Then it was time for him once again. I could feel him shifting into position. His cock ready to plunge into me. And there it was. Hard and furious. Pumping and pumping into me. He pulled out and started licking my ass. Making me wet. he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He asked me. I was uncertain,but said we could try. He got me very wet and pushed the tip of his dick into my ass. He tried pushing more. He slid back out and then tried to push into me again. Too much. Not enough lube. Eventually he stopped, without cumming and we got back into the car. The condom had to come off. It was on fire. I put my mouth on to his cock and he begged for me to lick his balls. He started talking dirty to me about his wife and how he wanted to see me with her. How he wanted to see her lick me. How he wanted to see me taste her......I licked and sucked. He starting stroking his cock and my tongue worked furiously around his balls. I thought about licking his ass, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. He kept talking to me and asking me to suck his balls......I could feel him tense up. I knew it was inevitable. He started to moan.....and raise his voice......He came hard. His load exploded up on his chest and on to some of his shirt........

Our night was ending. But not without the anticipation of another meeting.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Agonizingly Delicious

It is Saturday morning. The Date happened Thurs night. And I still don't know what happened. The wait to hear about it is agonizingly delicious.

Let me backtrack. Thurs night for the first two hours she was gone, I made myself busy. Took care of some work emails. Played a game of football on the xbox. My head was obviously distracted but I went through the motions trying to distract myself. I had some luck, but not much.

About 10 (an hour and a half after she left) I lied down on the bed. I had been in a state of constant arousal but now I really could try to imagine what was going on. And she was sending little morsels ... "Having a nice drink" ... "This is so hot" ... and then ... "I just saw his cock!" At this point I was an equal part anxious and aroused. But a feeling was developing inside that was not expected. Almost a pit in my stomach. I tried to control it but it wouldnt go away. I lied in bed trying to distract myself but to no avail. The only thing I knew would help would be to fall asleep.

Now I had no intentions of going asleep, but I forced myself to. A little later I heard J come home. She came into the bedroom, asked if I was ok. I told her I was so glad she was home and she stripped down, did her teeth and got in bed. We instantly embraced and again she asked if I was ok. I tried to show her I was ok by kissing and stroking her all over. Slowly I worked my way down and started to lick her very very slowly. I know this brings on an amazingly powerful orgasm for her and thats what I wanted. Five minutes later she was screaming. I worked my way up and slide inside. After being aroused ALL night long, I did not last long. We held each other all night, enjoying the bliss.

I of course was consumed with knowing what happened, but after the 90 mins I spent trying to contain my emotions before she got home, there was no way I could take finding out that night. Friday morning I was ready. We fucked long and hard that morning and all I could think about was what happened. A little later I asked, but she was not ready to tell just yet. She wanted me naked, cock hard and in her hand. She did show more her purse which had two condom wrappers in it. But she left with three!!! I begged for her to tell me over the course of the day ... little emails and texts sheeding slighly more details. But alas we were both terribly busy all day long. And then a busy Friday night with family prevented it again.

The waiting continues. I am not sure how much more I can take. But wait I must.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Waiting

Well it has been a crazy few weeks. J had her appendix out which put her down hard for a good 10 days. I have been going mad with work stuff, trying hard to keep the i's dotted and t's crossed on a very important project. We have had little time to do much of anything personally or sexually.

But what is the craziest part of our week? She is out right now having drinks with a guy she met online. The guys who she has met virtually so far all seem normal, typical and from her perspective ... hot. Then something seems to happen and they get weird or even stalker like. No one has managed to do it for her.

So the guy she is out with now seems nice, respectful, not pushy, capable of putting more than a sentence together and attractive. We shall see what happens.

As for me, I don't feel as weird as I though I might. I am on the edge of constant arousal, not jealous yet, but not over the top sexually charged either. Its like a constant buzz in the background reminding me a hot night is ahead, while I go on with some typical evening tasks. Of course I know that she is probably just sipping her first glass of wine right now. An hour from now? Who knows.

I do know that when she gets home, no matter what happened, she and I will have some fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tag Team

We are sitting in our hotel room sipping a beer. J is scantily dressed. I have been teasing her for close to an hour with a little bouts of foreplay. A knock at the door. She looks pensive, I am eager and jump up to get the door. Two guys walk in, one young, one our age. Strangers selected off a site like AFF.

There is no get to know you chat. No awkward moments trying to figure out who makes the first move. Nope, they are here for one thing and there is no need to wait. J is my slut, my crazy vixen. And I want to see her get these two strangers off, multiple times, multiple ways.

She instantly drops to her knees as she begins to work over each of them. Quickly clothes are shed and moans fill the room. Positions shift, sweat forms. For close to two hours I am treated to the show of my life.

The strangers leave ... do we even know their names? J is exhausted, I have more pictures and video than I can ever watch or see. We curl up and slowly relive it all as she gets fucked one more time.

It hasn't happened yet. Soon though it will. Pics and details to follow.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Slut Rules

A recent set of rules that I sent to J and we are now implementing. :)

1. Collar - You will wear your collar as directed. When you are wearing your collar you will be completely submissive to me and do as I say.

2. Viewing - I’ve always loved being voyeuristic and have often thought why rent a porn movie when you can have and watch your own slut act out your fantasies? Watching you is the hottest experience. That means I will enjoy having you be with strangers, men, women, couples that I select for my voyeuristic pleasure.

3. Anal – Your ass is my playground. You are a collection of holes for my use at my discretion and I want them all and in any way I please. Especially your ass. You will keep it clean for whenever I want to use it ... toys, fingers, cock. It is never to be denied to me.

4. Oral – I love blowjobs. I love rimjobs. I love your rimjobs and I simply can’t live without them. Period. End of discussion.

5. Slutty Tales - Whenever I choose to, you will tell me past events of extreme sluttiness, or fantasize out loud about future sluttiness. If I desire you will do so while slowly jerking my cock off.

6. Sadism. I am starting to enjoy having sadist tendencies. Much more so than the standard choking, hair pulling and light spanking. I now love whipping and want leave stripes from a beating which “marks my territory”. Hearing you breathe heavier and heavier as the pleasure and pain kick in and surge through you is an awesome thing.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New York New York

We recently went on a trip to New York. We did lots of touristy stuff and ate at some of our favorite restaurants. But we also visited our first BDSM club. A dungeon located right in the heart of Manhattan. And oh what an experience.

Let me first say, I don't necessarily think BDSM is either of our thing ... or until this point it wasn't. We played a little with spanking, choking, hair pulling and submission. But I don't think either of us were prepared for how our visit to the dungeon would affect us.

We saw a lot there. Women lead around on leashes, forced to submit to whomever their master ordered. A hot young Asian girl chained to the wall and lashed and molested as she called her older Dom daddy. Guys with close pins all over their cock and balls, loving it as their Dom added more. A woman chained to a cross, and flogged and slapped.

But one scene got us really hot. A couple we met on the way in immediately took up station on one of the benches. She stripped down to bra and panties and lied on her stomach. He took out a paddle, whip and cane and began to work her all over her ass, legs and back. He started slowly and gradually worked up the intensity. Every hit brought a gasp of pain from her, but also sounds of immense pleasure. Light and then hard slaps continued for 5, 10 and onto 15 minutes. Every slap seemed to take her to a new place. And then she could take no more. She uttered a code word, and he immediately stopped and scooped her up in an amazingly loving and tender embrace.

The two of us were majorly turned on the whole visit to the club. We were constantly rubbing and touching one another. Not quite sure we wanted to try this out at the club, we decided to head back to our room. But not without purchasing our own cane to use.

I tried to create a mixture of pleasure and pain for J as we delved into our first truly sadiomastic experience. I had her on her hands and knees. With my left hand I inserted two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. Slowly I fingered her pussy, alternating finger fucking and rubbing her G spot. Then I would lightly whack her with the cane. Over the next 30 mins I upped the intensity of my strikes. J was on the edge of orgasm the whole time ... alternating moaning in pleasure and shuddering from my strikes. When I thought she was ready, I dropped the cane, flipped her over and buried my face in her pussy. In about 30 seconds she was screaming. When her orgasm was done, I crawled up to her, took her in my arms and held for the rest of the night.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Leave of Absence

Its been a crazy few months. I am sure not many noticed our absence. But as most in alternative lifestyles can attest, sometimes life just creeps up and has a tendency to derail the fun for a bit.

J had a pretty serious medical condition. Without going into details, she had an adverse reaction to a standard medical procedure that derailed us. It appeared something was really wrong, but after months of trying to figure out WTF is going on ... it looks like there are just a few things combining to make her condition a bigger deal that it is. We hope current treatment will handle things for her.

She did indeed go on her date. She really liked the guy looks wise and personality wise. But she was dealing with a lot of stuff that night and it did not entail anything more than a nice dinner that actually ended really early. But there may in fact be another date next week. Stand by for details.

Otherwise, our lifestyle has been rather mundane since Feb. We have something to share from last weekend which is kind of cool. That's a post unto itself. But hopefully lots more to share soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Date Night

We were recently contacted by a gentleman who wanted to meet with us as a couple. He seems to be a well off senior executive who will be in town on business. His trip coincides with a weekend we have a lot going on. So J and I discussed it and we thought this might be the time for her to venture out on her on.

They have spoken on the phone a couple times and he appears to be the perfect gentleman. He is a little older and decent looking. But so far J seems so/so. Her concern seems to be that he has been a gentleman. J loves to flirt, loves sexual innuendos, etc. And so far, their conversations have been lacking in that regard.

I tried to convince her he is probably a freak at heart (he was looking for MFM) and she needed to start the flirting. I am not too concerned that she can't get that going.

As for me, I am still trying to figure out what my thought process will be. Will I be lying around, aroused? Or will I distract myself with mundane activities until she is home? I guess time will tell if J gets her man and how I react.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Girlfriend

Not for me, but for J!

Let me backup a bit. This past weekend we had a party. Not just any party, but a swinger party. We had three couples over for some drinks, music, a dip in the hot tub and sex jenga. Now beforehand I told J, that if the situation arose, she should sneak off with a couple that she really liked. She of course half joking, half serious told me that she would never do such a thing without me.

So we played our own sex jenga game. Each block had a naughty act on it. Each person had to pull a block and do the act. If you crashed the tower, you had to do two acts. One of our guests (the female that J fancied) admitted during the game that she was bi curious but wanted her first time to be in private. As a side note, she is only 24 and by my eyes, pretty hot!!

Fast forward a bit. J and I, and this couple are going to go in the hot tub. J and the friend disappear upstairs to find hair clips. They dont show up for a few mins but since we were partying, no one thought anything. So after a bit, the male half of the couple goes upstairs to check on them. He of course doesn't show up either. So about 10-15 mins later I head up to check on them. The door is locked. After a few knocks, the open it and I walk into the middle of a threesome!!

Turns out our new friend is no longer bi curious. She thinks J is hot and wanted to eat her. Of course J returned the favor. I enter as the male begins to fuck J to two orgasms in about 5 mins. Wow, too hot!!

So J's new friend has been encouraged by her boyfriend to get her own girlfriend on the side. And she wants J. Of course J is enamored as well and wants her own girlfriend. Seems like a match made in heaven. I can't wait to see how this unfolds. Worse case, we have a new couple to play with. Best case, not only can we play couple to couple, but J has a girlfriend she can play with too.